Helps relieve hip and back pain
associated with wearing:

- an orthotic walking boot

- a post-operative shoe

- a CROW boot

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EVENup™ is an orthotic shoe lift that is used for compensating temporary leg length discrepancy.

EVENup™ was developed by two Podiatrists in Ft Myers, Florida.

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While wearing a walking boot, you may notice a slight difference in height when comparing the healthy leg in a shoe to that of the injured leg. This means your pelvis is in a tilted position, this can lead to pain in the back, hips and the knees. 

Wearing the EVENup can balance your posture and help to prevent these issues.

• can help reduce hip, shoulder and knee pain
• may reduce the need for physical therapy to correct          pain in shoulder, neck or hip by wearing an orthosis
• helps improve gait and allows for a more natural walk
• fits right or left foot
• offers two height adjustments, 1/2“ or 1“


Clinical Indications

The following is a list of common clinical indications that EVENup is used for. This list is not all inclusive.

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In 2007, a patent for EVENup™ was obtained and in July of that same year, EVENup™ was introduced to the market.

A recent award winning study conducted at Temple University's Gait Lab showed that wearing the Evenup device causes the subject's gait to more closely resemble normal speed. It also showed that it may increase compliance in patients using a CAM walker due to perceived benefits of comfort and stability:


- Leg Length Discrepancy - M217

- Temporary Leg Length Discrepancy - M217



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